Nano Mister Nebulizer

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The Nano Mister nebulizer dries quickly and effectively the eyelash glue. When the glue dries normal on the outsite creates a hard layer so the glue remains wet and flexible on the inside (this is the reason why we recommend the eyelashes 24 hours to dry in order to ensure that the adhesive has fully cured). The ultra fine spray of the moisture of the Nano Mister will help to dry the glue directly from outside to inside.Now the customer has to wait only 6 hours before the eyelashes may be wet, in stead of the required 24 hours.

The use of the Nano Mister nebulizer also reduces the irritation significantly caused by the glue during and after the treatment. Your customers will also be fewer tears after treatment because the vapors of the glue are reduced quickly by the Nano Mister nebulizer. You will also notice that the Nano Mister nebulizer feels really good and cool after removing the tape/ pads.

User’s instruction: Keep the Nano Mister nebulizer 6-12 centimeters from the eyes and move in a sweeping motion back and forth over both eyes for 30 seconds in total. The Nano Mister nebulizer will stop automatically after 30 seconds. (Use after the tape / pads).

Color: White