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    Perfect Eyelash

    Lash Pillow (Various Colors)

    Lash Pillow

    It is even easier to work with the Lash Pillow. This Lash Pillow includes full flat sides, causing extensive space for example, your glass plate , eyelashes and glue. Also Lash Pillow provides even more comfort for you customers.

    Available colors:

    – Dark Blue

    – Soft Pink

    – Black

    – White

    Size (LxWxH): 60 cm x 28 cm x 11,50 cm

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    Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia Lamp

    Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia lamp

    Are you looking for the best lighting during a treatment or do you want to film under the best circumstances?

    Let us introduce to you our Perfect Eyelash – Mutlimedia Lamp with the most technical advanced lighting.

    You can change the color temperature with one button from warm to cool lighting. The intensity of lighting can be changed from 1 – 100 % with a rotational knob. That way you can create candle light or daylight, so you can work in different lighting conditions.

    You will have more light with a larger surface the Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia Lamp because the arms of the lamps are longer then the average lamp. The arms of the lamps are very flexible, this makes it easy to manouver the lamps exactly where you need the light. You can make pictures and record videos with the smartphone and iPad-holders under the best circumstances. And another item that can’t be missed, is the mirror which you can place on the Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia Lamp. That way, your client can see what’s happening during the Browstyling treatment, this way you’ll also create the best lightning conditions for yourself.

    The Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia lamp comes with a tripod to stand on the floor. But the Perfect Eyelash – Multimedia Lamp can also be placed on the table with a special table clamp. And it comes with a nice storage cover so that you can easily take the lamp with you if you want. All accessories from mirror, standard, telephone holder and the storage cover are included in the price.

    3000-6000K and brightness 1-100% both dimmable
    Easy to clean/ hygienic black aluminum lamp housing
    USB charging port
    Two meter floor stand
    Including phone/ipad holder
    Two led bodies can be adjust to 360 degrees
    Three flexible arms
    Portable packing with Perfect Eyelash bag